Wendy Mack | The Curious Forager

Conversations on Art & Mental Health
A printmaking showcase on fragmentation and integration
5 Feb - 20 Mar 2022, Free Admission

The Curious Forager (Revised Edition)

Based on her personal journey

First released in 2020, The Curious Forager began as a documentary project for the author to capture the profound realisations uncovered while investigating into her careless act of weeding, while helping her family move into their new home.

As she stepped into the overgrown plot enveloped by creepers, she caught herself deliberating over removing the group of wild flowers and that flourished. This incident triggered an inquiry into the classification and definition of weeds, where many were harvested and regrown in individual containers to observe their propagative behaviours.

What began as a series of hand-pressed prints...

...crafted in an unoccupied private residence developed into a series of 50 black and white illustrations. It was only after COVID-19 struck a year later that gave her time to process and find clarity on what led to the moment which transformed her life completely.

And all it took was simply observing how working with nature unveiled her own true nature.

The First Edition of The Curious Forager was self-published and launched independently at PINT & DINE, after which was picked up and relaunched by The Nature Club at the National Library Board. This led to resulted in a successful a sold-out print run of 200 copies in January 2021.

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Building on her successes, she continued her work by refining and expanding on her written work, alongside pursuing an exploration of printmaking with SAINOUSPACE's Artist Residency Programme in Jan 2022. This cumulated into the official release of the her book, The Curious Forager : A Study of Weeds (Revised Edition), as well as an exhibition as an extension of the book from 5 Feb 2022. The showcase includes a new body of work featuring 16 life-sized monotypes on wooden panels, a tour of her works (40mins), as well a mini-preview of the ME-TIME sessions (20mins) conducted by the artist in her studio space.

All new works, limited-edition prints, and fresh copies of the artist's books are available for sale.

Prices provided upon request.


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Wendy Mack (b.1993) graduated with a BA(Hons) in Arts Management from LASALLE College of the Arts, accredited by Goldsmiths, and more recently a diploma in Digital Design & Illustration from 3DSense Media School. She has been exploring artmaking with an auto-ethnographic approach and is interested in pushing the genre of picture books traditionally made for young audiences. Her work is tactile in nature, and she loves to craft objects out of clay, yarn, textiles, paint, printmaking and collage.


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